With Three Hours to Spare

Here’s what almost kept me from posting today:

Sleeping fitfully last night

Waking up late this morning

Going to the first home varsity basketball games of the season

A parent loaned me a cowbell – huzzah!

I saw a former student who was wearing a bow tie. He said he only wears bow ties and only the kind that you tie yourself – and it’s all because it’s what I wore to class.

Our varsity girls won with an injured starter and still had the mercy rule go into effect.

Our varsity guys won in overtime despite the referee’s insistence that there’s no such thing as a travel.

Clipping Indy’s toenails

Going to the store to get supper

The headache I got from eating supper 2 hours later than normal

And now, to eat supper (frozen pizza)

Keeping the streak alive!

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