I’m taking my own advice from yesterday and, while I still have teacher-things to do, I’m also eating Cheez-Its and watching Tim Curry comedies. Teaser Tuesday will be back next week đŸ™‚ Oh, how are ya’ll liking my random updates? Are the better than last year’s “planned posts”? Let me know!

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The Best Advice I Received Today

Put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others.

Because no matter what you’re doing, you’re no good to anyone if you’re only hurting yourself in the process. Or, something like that. Take care and self-care out there, friends.

Amid everything that happened yesterday – and if you were on social media you know that quite a bit went on – was the sad news of the passing of John Hurt. Continue reading “Gallifrey Falls No More”

Saturday Morning Coffee

Pull up a chair and I’ll pour you a cup; fancy a bowl of BooBerry cereal while we chat? Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”


A Mnemonic for Machiavelli

Today I listened to one of my Audible Learners work through a test on the Renaissance. Now, the Renaissance is always tricky; after all, it’s mainly “name/date/masterpiece.” So, I was thrilled to hear the following monologue when my student reached this question: Continue reading “A Mnemonic for Machiavelli”

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