Saturday Morning Coffee

Welcome, friends! The coffee is fresh and the coffeecake warm. It’s a beautiful sunny day, so let’s sit down and enjoy the morning.

Monday was President’s Day, and it seems so long ago. Seriously, it’s been a long week. Monday was laid back, though. Perhaps that’s why the rest of the week seemed so long?

I didn’t do much other than play video games and read. Oh, I did help Krystal with a photography project for her class. I really like how these turned out:

moxie-in-townI think it was Tuesday we went out to eat and then do some shopping. Notably, I found that Moxie in glass bottles is now sold in our town. Huzzah!

Wednesday morning I got a call from Krystal. Now, she might text me throughout the day, but a call is something important. She went out to her car, started it up, and the pressure indicator said one tire was a 1 psi. 1! The rear passenger tire was flat as pancake. Now, we’re not strangers to flat tires. We live in a rough road neighborhood and are always picking things up in our tires. So, she started up the emergency pump while I arranged to drive home and either fix it or take her to work. By the time I got home the tire was looking better, so we decided to remove the pump and slowly move the car to find the puncture. As soon as we took the tire off air support, there was a mighty rushing wind and the tire deflated entirely. I took her to work; knowing there was nothing to do until evening.

tire-with-stapleThat afternoon I removed the tire and immediately found the problem: a large metal “staple” in the sidewall of the tire. The bad news: the tire needed replacing. The good news: I’d purchased these tires brand new 5 months ago, and they came with road hazard protection.

So, Thursday found my father-in-law and I driving an hour to Sam’s Club (he has the membership, so he had to be there for the work to be done). Thankfully, we didn’t have to drive the car on a dummy; we were able to just take the rim with us. The technician we handed the tire off to took one look at it and said: “You know, this is the third tire I’ve done today that had this same type thing in it.” Odd much?

Now, our hazard protection was on a graduated scale based on how much of the tread was left and how long we’d been driving on the tires. Plugging in the numbers, the computer spit out our grand total: $0.00. That’s right; entirely free – we didn’t even have to pay for mounting and balancing!

Thursday and Friday were long-ish at school. It’s state tournament time, and I found myself subbing during a normally free time for some of the chaperones. Ah well, it’s all good.

Sometime this week I also found some MST3K movies, so you know what I’m watching as I grade and write tests this weekend.


What did you do this week?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. I knew there had to be a reason I enjoy your posts so much…and there it is! YOU are watching the same movies my husband adores! He has all the MST3000 movies and watches them daily. It takes a wonderful kind of humor to enjoy those awful things..and you both share it obviously. Tell Crystal those photos are absolutely wonderful! Love the one of you walking across that street. So reminiscent of the beatles album cover Abbey Road. Fav album of mine.

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    1. That was the project, I think. She had to recreate the scene. It wasn’t supposed to be exact, though. I love it!

      And the more I write these Saturday posts, the more I find in common with my readers. So, though I’m writing less, I’m gaining more.

      Your husband has all the movies?? WOW! These are the first I’ve bought; I watched them when they were on TV and then online. I got to meet Joel some years ago at a Comic-Con!


    1. Moxie is a regional soda usually available only in New England. However, it’s beginning to spread. I’ve got friends that bring me a case or two of cans a year, but it’s nice to know I can get my fix when I need it.

      As for taste, it’s decidedly unique. I can’t quite describe it, and most everyone that tries it either loves it or hates it. There’s really not an in-between, though I’m sure those folks are out there.

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