Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s Saturday already? Well, I just put the coffee on! Nothing better on a rainy, drizzly weekend. I still can’ believe the week’s already over, though.

I mean, where did it go? What did I do?

There was school. Ah, school. Another week down, and two weeks to the end of the school year.¬†Everyone is counting down. So far I haven’t had to confiscate any fidget spinners. WE CAN DO THIS!

The yearbook finally went out. Apparently our school does things a bit differently in that we publish the book in the same school year and not over the summer. It’d be nice to include things like the Spring Formal, the Awards Ceremonies, and Graduation – but parents and students aren’t too keen on the idea, so there’s that.

Grading papers. Writing exams. Paying bills.

Is that really all I did this week?

wow, that’s underwhelming

What did you do this week?

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