Saturday Afternoon Moxie

Hey, thanks for stopping by! I know we don’t usually meet in the afternoon, but some changes are good, you know?

So, it’s been a LONG time since I wrote anything. End of year and all.

Exams went well. Some classes remembered more than I thought they would, others less. But everyone passed for the year, though some were close, and graduations went off with nary a hitch. Unfortunately, there were no interesting bonus questions to share this year. That’s on me.

I’ve been catching up on my reading, and I’ll admit I’m more than a little behind on my schedule. But The Devil in the White City is almost finished, as is The Tao of Pooh.

Today I mowed the lawn and did some weedeating. Next week I’ll be cleaning more around the house, spreading ant poison (as they’ve taken over my entire yard), and planning to powerwash the house.

Now I’m sitting here enjoying a nice, cold Moxie I bought from Publix to celebrate the end of the school year. So nice that this regional soda is now available right down the street.

What have you been up to?

6 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Moxie

  1. I haven’t seen a Moxie in donkey’s years! I used to love being able to buy them at the baseball park when the boys were in little league. Great memories you brought back to me. Thanks! 😀

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  2. I enjoyed reading The Devil in the White City. I lived in Hyde Park a few blocks from the site of the 1893 Worlds Fair for almost twenty years and was fascinated to learn so many things about that part or Chicago’s history.

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