Sunday Morning Coffee

I’m dreadfully sorry about missing our kaffeeklatch yesterday morning. Can we make it up today? You know how things tend to go when you wake up behind schedule and stay there the rest of the day. 

Again, the week was relatively uneventful. I spent quite a bit of time cleaning. I’m incredibly grateful for the friends and family who’ve let us use their trash cans when our fills up – which, lately, has been about 5 hours after the trash men make their rounds. I”d estimate we’ve thrown away close to a dumpster’s worth of junk in the last month; and that’s not counting the clothes and blankets we’ve donated to various local shelters and such. I’ve even – gasp – thinned down my books.

I also spent some time reading and working on various personal and professional projects. The start of another school year is just 8 weeks away. Yikes!

I guess yesterday was the most eventful day of the week. I woke up about an hour late and went to get a haircut. Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait.

Then, I went to mow the lawn. As I went to pick up the lawnmower, it started to rain. Great. We’d had some severe summer showers earlier in the week, resulting in flickering power, but I really needed to get the grass cut as it’d already been several weeks since last I did it. Thankfully, it soon stopped raining and I was able to get the lawn done in *almost* record time – thanks mainly to a brand new blade. As I put the mower back on the truck, it ran out of gas. Talk about timing, eh? Good thing I was done, since before I could begin to unload the mower it poured again.

After that shower died down, I loaded up the truck with junk to take to the trash/recycling center: large items the trash department was supposed to pick up at the curb but which had sat there for two weeks. Last time, we had a mattress sit out for almost a month before pickup, and I wasn’t having that this time.

I finished up around 3:30 or 4:00 in the afternoon, just in time for Krystal to be done with work. So, we went out to eat and do some shopping.

What have you been up to?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee

  1. why are you getting rid of so much stuff? is this an annual clean-fest or are you moving? I’ve been building a framework on my front porch so I can add screen doors. Yes, I am that crazy.


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