Hair Crazy?

It seems like just last week I had a haircut; nevertheless, Krystal pointed out that it was time to get another one.

But I just got one!

Did you go to your normal person?


Did you get it thinned like you usually do?

[*sigh* no]

Then it’s time for another one. See if they can fit you in sometime this week. 

Thus began an interesting morning.

I called the salon while I was out buying ant killer at Lowes. Yes, the ants came back after heavy rains; it appears I merely won the opening salvo but the battle is far from over. Surprisingly, the hairdresser could fit me in that very morning.

This particular stylist was new to the salon; as was evident when she asked what I wanted done.

Let’s leave the sides alone today, but thin out the top and then take a half inch off the top and we’ll take it from there. 

She expressed some concern that I didn’t really know what I was talking about, but I assured here this wasn’t my first rodeo. In fact, if I ever attend a rodeo, that will be my first. Anyway, as soon as she actually touched my hair she started gushing:

· Oh my soul! Your hair is so thick!

· Seriously, this may be the most perfect head of hear I’ve ever see.

· My students at the college could learn on this head of hair; what are you doing in the fall?

· Look at this hair – it’s enough for a small animal and I’ve only done two chops with the thinning shears.

· I’m going to be telling everyone about this; they’ll never believe me!

And, true to her word, she had to call everyone in the parlor over to gaze at the keratin growing out of my scalp. Other stylists have commented on my hair before, but nothing close to this. The woman appeared euphoric. I tried to play it off, talking about how I must have good genes or something like that. Inwardly, though, my reaction was closer to something like this:

Grunkle Stan Respond to This

Have you ever experienced anything like this?

How would you react?


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