Saturday Morning Coffee: School is Back in Session

I think the title says it all, don’t you? Anyway, the coffee’s hot, and I’ve a bag of honey almond flake cereal. Let’s chat. 

I stayed busy this week, but there’s not really that much to tell. I worked in my classroom, updated lesson plans and my welcome materials, helped other teachers if the needed an extra hand (or six inches of height), and generally put my ducks in a row.

I did make a dozen pinhole eclipse viewers for Monday. We’re just outside the path of totality; I think we’ll be getting 93% sun coverage.

I’m behind on my reading again – is anyone surprised by that – and, making matters better/worse, the library called: the book I’ve had on hold is ready.

Thursday night orientation went well, though several students were upset not to have me as homeroom teacher.

Our first day of school was Friday; think of it like class orientation. We held 20 minute “classes” to handle preliminaries so we can hit the ground running on Monday. Monday is our first day of school, and there’s the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse for us here in the US. I predict the day will be interesting, to say the least.

The weather has been downright nasty. High heat index, high humidity, and rain. My front door is struggling. Maybe it’s time to get a metal door?

Hopefully the rain will hold off and I can mow the lawn today. It’s been several weeks now and it looks like a jungle out there.

Anyway, what have you been up to? 

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