Bob’s Burgers Review: Sit and Spinach

It’s Sunday morning, and that can only mean one thing: last night, I made and ate a hamburger. Specifically, a burger featured on the hit series Bob’s Burgers.

The Sit and Spin Burger [S2:E8 “Bad Tina”]

About the Episode – In an effort to attract Jimmy Junior, Tina starts hanging out with Tammy, the Wagstaff rebel. Tina soon finds herself in over her head as Tammy, to keep the bad times rolling, blackmails Tina with an embarrassing secret.

Bob and Linda attend a performance of Cake ( synchronized patty cake) and Bob, enthralled, refuses to let the experience end when they come home.

About the Burger– The burger has garlic-wilted baby spinach mixed in and is cooked in a juice and pomegranate molasses reduction. The burger is topped with mozzarella cheese and served on a thick slice of tomato. My homemade mayonnaise is the spread on the top bun.

The Response

This was a very good burger, but I didn’t realize just how long it would take to destem a bag of baby spinach. Still, worth it.

We have this burger

4 Stars

Come back next week, when we’ll try a new, as-yet-to-be-determined burger!

* * *

Our featured image comes from Andrew Heath. Check out his website and – if it’s your thing – buy some of his art. I’m not on commission or anything, just doing my part to support a great and talented fan artist.

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