Bob’s Burgers Review: 50 Ways to Leave Your Guava

It’s Sunday morning, and that can only mean one thing: last night, I made and ate a hamburger. Specifically, a burger featured on the hit series Bob’s Burgers.The 50 Ways to Leave Your Guava Burger [S2:E10 “Mother Daughter Laser Razor”]

About the Episode – When Linda discovers the kids prefer spending time with Bob instead of her, she decides to reclaim Louise’s love and affection, even if she has to pay for it.

Meanwhile, Tina’s concern over her leg hair leads to a completely different bonding time with the rest of the family.

About the Burger– This burger was somewhat labor-intensive. Remember a few months ago when I discovered a non-vinegar mayonnaise? Well, now I can add a non-vinegar barbecue sauce to my repertoire. Tomato paste, guava jelly, Worcestershire and Tamari sauces, pineapple juice, and ground ginger give this sauce a tropical kick.

Then, I also learned how to caramelize pineapple slices.

Add lettuce and crisp bacon to this burger, and you’ve got something phenomenal.

The Response

This burger smelled amazing and tasted just as good.

Krystal says it tasted like a Red Robin burger, but so much better. High praise, indeed.

I loved the taste and texture and didn’t even mind the washing up!

We gave this burger

5 Stars

Come back next week, when we’ll try a new, as-yet-to-be-determined burger!

* * *

Our featured image comes from Andrew Heath. Check out his website and – if it’s your thing – buy some of his art. I’m not on commission or anything, just doing my part to support a great and talented fan artist.

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