Recipe: Curry On My Wayward Bun Burger

Given the positive response to yesterday’s burger post, I thought I’d share my recipe with you today.

The Curry On My Wayward Bun Burger


1 lb ground beef or lamb*

2 tbsp curry powder**

fresh black pepper


wheat Kaiser rolls

Indian-style chutney***

Cheddar cheese****


French Fries (optional)

Root Beer (optional)

*We get our meat from the meat counter at the grocer and usually end up with slightly more than 1 pound of meat. I think this particular day saw us get 1.25 pounds.

**There are many types of curry powder available. Turmeric is often a prominent ingredient for its color, but it is also pungent and overpowering. Look for a powder that has turmeric listed somewhere in the middle. Unless, of course, you like turmeric. You do you.

***There are a variety of chutneys on the market. We chose a mango chutney because we thought it would pair well with our curry powder and because that particular flavor and brand didn’t contain any vinegar. Allergies suck, y’all.

****We wanted to use an Indian-style cheese like paneer, but our local markets didn’t carry it. We opted for a true Cheddar cheese for its mild flavor to help even out the spices of the curry powder and chutney.

Note: if you’re going to have fries with your burgers, start them now. Once I put the fries in the oven I started making my burgers, and both burgers and fries finished about the same time.

Make the Burgers

  1. Mix the curry powder with the meat. Make sure it is thoroughly distributed, but be careful not to overwork the meat.
  2. Form the meat into four patties and season both sides with salt and pepper. If you have any curry powder left, lightly dust the tops of the burgers.
  3. Cook the burgers over medium heat, about 7 minutes per side worked for me.
  4. When you flip the burgers, tent the pan with tinfoil.
  5. In the last few minutes of cooking, put cheddar cheese on each burger. I won’t tell you how much, since cheese makes everything better.

Build the Burgers

  1. If needed, slice the rolls.
  2. Cover the bottom bun with lettuce.
  3. Slather the top bun with the chutney.
  4. Put the cooked burgers on the bottom buns and put the top bun in place.
  5. Serve with fries and root beer (or other sides and drinks of choice).


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