Saturday Morning Coffee

Thanks for coming by today; I look forward to your visit all week.

This week ended our 3rd grading quarter at school, so my week has consisted mainly of students turning in work for whatever points they can earn.

I read quite a bit this week, nearly finishing both Esolen’s translation of Purgatory and the first volume of Alan Moore’s Jerusalem.

Uncle Jason, Aunt Rose, and Alex helped move Krystal’s piano on Monday, and now our apartment feels complete. There’s still a few pictures to hang and a few small items that need to be moved from the old place, but Krystal said she’d now be comfortable inviting friends over for dinner and a game or movie night.

Smokey enjoyed a brief moment of fame this week as a picture I shared of him on a Twitter thread discussing rescue cats gathered over 80 “likes”. True to form, he acted indifferent to this news.

Smokey’s also officially settled in to a routine here. He’s ready to eat around 5:30 every morning and 5:00 every evening. He meows if we’re late for his breakfast and will run up and down the stairs if we’re late with his supper. One evening, I didn’t quite get the hint, so he jump up on my lap and started head-butting the boom I was reading!

Our local Dairy Queen opened for the season, and one of my afternoon students brought me a mini cookie dough “blizzard” with extra cookie dough. It was nice.

This week was not without its challenges.

Earlier this week I sneezed extremely violently and somehow broke blood vessels in my nose. I’ve gone half the week with what looks like a bruise running down one side of my nose!

My old nemesis returned: stick vacuums. I can never seem to get them to suck properly, but Krystal loves them. I’m still working on getting the thing to clean the floor from the mess I made Thursday.

Last night I felt by back seizing up, and even with a generous application of a heating pad, it’s worse this morning. So, I’m propped up watching the Manchester United vs Liverpool match on TV.

Later on I hope I’ll feel well enough to do some minor cleaning and work around the kitchen.

What have you been up to?

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  1. I began writing the next book. After delaying as long as I could by cleaning my writing room and tossing papers I no longer needed and dusting shelves that hadn’t seen attention in an embarrassingly long time. But I finished. And so, must now write.

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