Monday Morning Questions

I didn’t do a Bob’s Burgers burger this weekend due to a change in schedule, that change being me laid out flat on my back because of back/foot injuries. But that doesn’t mean I did nothing.

Specifically, I spent my time doing two things: watching TV and thinking.

I watched Premier League and Bundesliga soccer, Six Nations Rugby, and a Worst Cooks in America marathon.

Well, maybe not exactly watched as, for the most part, I was stuck staring at the ceiling. So it was rather like listening to the radio.

And so I also spent time thinking, too.

I wondered, if soccer is a sport played by gentlemen and enjoyed by brutes, and rugby is a sport played by brutes and enjoyed by gentlemen, and I enjoy them both, then what does that make me?

I also wondered whatever happened to the first real internet discussion I ever got myself involved in turned out. I can’t remember the site or my username, but we debated that age-old doctrinal question: Do balrogs have wings? I was on the pro-wing side, if I recall correctly, but it was quite the heated debate. Perhaps even on the level of the legendary cornflake wars. Or were they the cereal wars? Like most wars, the real causes have been lost to the mists of time.

Finally, I wondered once again why America insists on changing its clocks twice a year.

If you have any answers for me, drop them in the comments.

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