Saturday Morning Coffee

Good Saturday morning to you all! I trust you’re doing well today. Come on in, the coffee’s nice and hot.

How am I doing? Much better, thank you for asking. It took until Wednesday for me to feel normal again, but I have my back an extra day and started doing “normal” stuff again on Thursday. That’ll show me I’m no spring chicken anymore. I know, I know, it’s not *really* my age. Stupid car accident. Stupid [name redacted to protect the guilty].

goodreads history of time steven hawking

I suppose the big news is that Stephen Hawking died this week. I tried to stay out of the debate over his science and politics and such and instead decided to finally read A Brief History of Time. Huzzah for library holds, am I right?

If you follow that sort of thing, it’s the 2061st anniversary (approximately) of the death of Julius Caesar. “Beware the Ides of March” and all that jazz. It also gave me opportunity to share this picture, which not everyone appreciated. But you, being the cool cat you are, will find it hilarious. And if you don’t, that’s OK, too. Just don’t tell me I’m wrong for sharing it. And, just like that, I’ve most likely guaranteed someone in the comments telling me I’m wrong. Ah well.


If American politics means anything to you (although a better question might be “Do American politics mean anything at all?”), you might have heard that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was fired. Then, someone said he was fired while using “the facilities” leading to a large number of “he got canned” jokes. My mind immediately went to this:

Jurassic Park Genarro Toilet Gif

I tweeted this gif to conservative pundit Ben Shapiro and thought nothing of it. Until, an hour or so later when I logged back in, my notifications had exploded. It’s not quite viral, but it’s no small potatoes, either.

2018 March Madness Original Bracket

Are you following the March Madness of American college basketball? I don’t really follow the game all that closely *except* for right now, when I will root for my somewhat arbitrarily chosen teams as they compete to be the last undefeated team from a pool of 64. Last night the number one overall team was blown away by more than 20 points – and they lost to the 16 seed in their bracket. University of Maryland, Baltimore County is now the first team to unseat a 1 seed in the first round. Unlike many I know, I did not *not* pick Virginia to win it all. I did have them winning two games, so my bracket has some holes, but it’s not “busted” as they say.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day in the US. Most folks use it as an excuse to drink and pinch people not wearing green. I do neither, and dare anyone to pinch me for not wearing green. I’m not Irish; I’m not Catholic; I don’t have a dog in this fight. Just leave me be in peace.

6 nations rugny logosI will have to venture out to get a haircut and pick up ingredients for tonight’s burger, but I’ll be back by noontime.

After all, I can’t miss 6 Nations Rugby. I know I’ll be getting a recorded version, but don’t’ worry. I’ll still act like I can’t just look up the score. If Ireland wins a Grand Slam on today of all days . . . ooh boy.

But, enough about my week.

What have you been up to?

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