Sunday Morning Coffee

I’m either a day late and a dollar short or better late than never. Regardless, I’m here now.

I have a love/hate relationship with testing. I actually liked testing growing up – what we called “achievement tests”. They used to use Sanford but now use Iowa. Whatever. I still like them: there’s something satisfying about filling in those bubbles with a No 2 pencil.

I hate “actively observing” the tests. There’s nothing active about them: no phone, no books – nothing but walking the room watching students take a tests and answering the odd calls for more scratch paper. Thankfully, those three days are do e for another year.

And yet, the testing schedule provided me more planning periods than I technically required, so I was able to catch up on some reading: Dante’s Paradise and Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time.

Evenings this week were taken up with cosplay planning. And by planning, I mean gathering materials: football pads, a green furry body pillow, a lacrosse stick, the guts of a CD player, and an old bicycle. I’ll take pictures when they start becoming something. You won’t have to wait too long; SuperCon is in July!!

Yesterday, early in the morning, I started the final day of cleaning the junk out of the old house. With Sarah’s help, everything is done and I’m ready to sell.

I didn’t cook a burger last night because it was Krystal’s dad’s birthday and we went out to celebrate with him.

And today, today is Easter!

What did you do this week?

4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee

  1. My most favourite hero is Thor. He’s been there for me growing up and he still is here. It’s funny how sometimes it’s so much easier to find a hero made out of someone’s mind rather than looking for the heros in what they might call “real life”.

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  2. Krystal’s favorite is Loki; she refuses to see him as a true villain. I like Thor, but prefer Iron Man (if we’re talking comics) apart from his actions in Civil War.


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