Saturday Morning Coffee

Come on in and sit a while. I’ll put on some coffee and we’ll have a good chat.

It’s raining this morning. Maybe that’s why I woke up to a *really* bad dream. Maybe. Usually rain helps me sleep; I’ve slept through hurricanes.

I twisted my ankle going up the stairs to feed Smokey, but that’s still better than earlier this week when I had a very embarrassing accident when I bent over to feed him.

I’ve already told you so much about my week already: the trip to the library, the mystery pins, and the updates on my outfit for July.

There’s really not that much left to tell you, so why not tell me about your week?

What have you been up to?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. I’ll have to read back in your blog. I do think i read what outfit you’ll be making but I have forgotten.
    I was/am doing Campnanowrimo again but for now I have to keep that brief each day. I decided to enter a small craft show for next week and I am very unprepared so I have to sew day and night to get ready for it. The big one is not until autumn so I thought this would be a good first try to see what it is like.

    I love sewing and sharing them but I dont’ think at heart I am a good sales person ^_^

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    1. I only talked about my outfit; pictures are on my Instagram (@Jay_Eldred32).

      Best of luck on Campnanowrimo & you’re craft fairs. I know almost nothing about sales, but I imagine if you just be yourself you’ll do just fine!


  2. I have made plans to go to a small band’s concert on 14th,April. Yesterday, we have had our second barbecue this year (The first one was in fact on New Years Eve). And right now, I am mentally preparing to go to work in a few minutes since my co-worker called in sick just a day ago.
    That occurence though left me wondering how I always am inspired first thing in the morning even though literally nothing has happened so far that day. Maybe it has something to do witrh my dreams?

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend and that your ankle is getting better soon 🙂

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