Saturday Morning Coffee

Welcome! Let’s sit and chat over coffee while we watch some World Cup games.

This has been a week of ups and downs and general busyness.

Remember how I told you last week that my review of Believe Me might lead to some other reviews and/or interviews? Well, I heard back from an agent and I have indeed secured an interview with a blue-check-on-Twitter author regarding their upcoming book! Stay tuned for details.

I celebrated by baking a pie:

Then things took a downhill turn as Germany choked in their World Cup game against South Korea, losing 2-0 and being eliminated from World Cup competition. Now I’m just cheering on teams on a game-by-game basis and actively cheering against Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Mexico, and Sweden. Brazil has the most World Cup trophies so they don’t need another one, Argentina has Messi and Portugal has Ronaldo and I hate everyone thinking one player makes a team, and Mexico and Sweden advanced over Germany. Yes, I’m very good at holding grudges.

The flea situation appears to be improving but Smokey is starting to show signs of his old age 🙁. However, he’s still my best buddy 😎.

The other night I tried a new recipe for cauliflower stewed with tomatoes and it turned out incredibly delicious.

Finally, this morning I finished training week 3 with a good 7 mile run downtown. There was a 5k or something as well, and apparently I confused some of the volunteers who thought I was warming up, lol. But I had a good conversation with two of them during my cool down period.

Here’s how my week looked overall:

So that’s about it for me this week.

What have you been up to?

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