Another 15 Minutes of Fame

Good things happened yesterday.

First, I had the opportunity to attend John Fea’s Believe Me book tour at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh. You might remember that I’ve mentioned his blog once or twice, and reviewed an ARC of Believe Me a few weeks ago.

The talk was excellent with good audience participation (I withheld my questions to give others a chance, lol).

I put myself toward the back of the signing line, and Fea was more than gracious. He recognized me, thanked me for supporting/promoting his book & podcast, and then kindly took a picture with me and wanted to know about my work.

A wonderful time, indeed, as I hit the trifecta of supporting good history, an engaging author, and an independent bookstore!

He was concerned that I had driven several hours *just* to see him (which, indeed I had), but Krystal and I are also spent some time together shopping, eating, and making jokes like this:

Fea even mentioned me on his blog today!

Later on in the evening I checked my phone and noticed I had a few more notifications than usual, and my latest recipe for a Bob’s Burgers “Burger of the Day” was getting a fair bit of traffic.

Then I discovered why:

Y’all. Loren Bouchard, creator of Bob’s Burgers, liked my burger recipe for “Don’t Fry For Me, Argentina” !!!!

The only downside is the he saw/liked/retweeted the blog Twitter feed (which I’d honestly forgotten existed) instead of my personal Twitter, so I didn’t pick up any new followers, likes, or comments. Such is he fleetingness of fickle fame.

Suffice to say, I’ve got quite the boost headed into this week!

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