Florence Update #1

We’ve evacuated.

Now, we’ve left our house before for higher ground. I’ve written several times that we’ve gone to Mr Tom’s when a hurricane hits. And we moved to a more secure location back in January, so we’ve less a concern for flooding.

But this time is different. Florence is now a Category 4 and headed straight for New Bern as of the latest map this morning. Even Krystal’s family is getting out of town, and they’ve *never* left for a hurricane before.

And, for the first time, Smokey isn’t with us. I’d never leave him behind. Somehow I think he knew what was coming and made it OK for us to leave. Makes me love him even more.

Yesterday we made the decision to leave and head to my brother’s house near Greenville, SC. The trip took a bit longer due to people generally not being able to drive. Yes, there’s more cars on the road, but not nearly so many as to necessitate driving 15 miles under the limit.

But we made it safely and that’s the main thing. We only took necessities and things irreplaceable: about three days’ worth of clothes, our autographs and photo ops, my signed books and the few rare books I own (as well as my currently-reading books), and some of our cosplay items.

I don’t know what will be left when we make it back. Things can be replaced. People can’t. I’m concerned, but not worried.

Thank you to all of you keeping up with me here or on Twitter or Instagram. You’ve been such an encouragement this last week.

I’ll do my best to keep you updated as I find out what’s happening back home.

9 thoughts on “Florence Update #1

  1. Always a judgement call. You’re the only one on the ground, so you can see the land elevation, predicted surge, and potential for wind damage. As long as you didn’t leave bread crumbs so the storm follows you to your evacuated spot, what’s the worse that can happen by leaving (other than traffic nightmares) – it’s a spontaneous adventure/vacation…and you’ll get to keep power on!
    Take care and see ya’ on the flip

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  2. we were in New Bern when Gloria came slamming through..lost a roof, house flooded and I honestly thought we would die. It was only a cat 3. So very glad you have decided to evacuate. YOU and Crystal are the important “things”…not stuff. Stay safe.

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