Monday Morning Coffee

Can it really be that we haven’t talked for two weeks? Well, pull up a chair and let’s talk over coffee.

It’s Columbus Day; take that for what you will. He’s fallen out of favor as of late, and perhaps deservedly so, though I doubt that the first European would be held in high esteem by our current society. Some have said we should rename today Native Peoples Day, and I’m ok with that, too. Speaking selfishly, I just want today to remain a federal holiday; I like the day off.

Of course, there’s always people who will take it too far:

Yes, believe it or not, we still have today off. The state government wrote off nearly 20 days for Hurricane Florence and we’d actually already made up 3 days, so our vacation days remain intact. Some districts aren’t so fortunate; one county over from us doesn’t yet know what to do as two schools were completely destroyed.

The community’s long road to recovery continues. It might be another month before all the debris currently on the road is picked up. The cost to be city has topped 200 million. Houses continue to need demoing and folks are still looking for permanent solutions. The volunteer groups here are an answer to many folks’ prayers.

So we’ve been getting back into our routine. School started for me about two weeks ago and Krystal’s site opened for visitors a week ago last Saturday.

Speaking of Krystal’s work, I had my first fitting for this year’s Candlelight. Its theme is Masquerade, and I will be dressed as a “knight” of sorts.

We’ve gone through and cleaned house, looking for things to donate. I’ve got some reading done.

Since we’ve come back both Krystal and I would swear that we’ve heard Smokey’s happy meow. It’s not scary, but it is a tad unnerving. Maybe that’s the wrong word. We sure do miss him.

As far as my WIP, I’m supposed to be going through photos today with my mother-in-law.

I had an interesting call on Saturday. Saturday was my folks’ Sauerkraut & Kielbasa Making Day ™. They called me on speakerphone to ask me to explain the whole Supreme Court thing. I guess that’s a kind of winning.

So today, I’m enjoying sitting down to a better breakfast than is usual on a weekday: a cheese omelette (garlic-and-chive & lavender-and-espresso cheeses), an everything bagel, a glass of OJ, and a big cup of coffee.

What’s been going on with you?

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Coffee

  1. You may have missed my recent post re: having our entire 1924 house rewired after hearing a k-whomp in one wall. I am so brain dead after four weeks of chaos and banging and sawing and drilling, the best I can do is simple sentences. But the house is quiet, finally, although the electrician did come by today to replace something for the local KCPL company to connect to, when they connect to, the new box. We’ve had five inches of rain in the last two days. But the house is quiet. And it works.

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  2. My life is tame, other than the oddity of wearing cotton clothes and sandals because it is still summer time-warm. I am
    impressed how you and Krystal are finding your way back to some sort of normal. New Bern really took a hit. Best wishes to the volunteers.

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