Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s been raining for two days. Come in out of the wet and let’s chat and warm up over a hot cup of coffee.

Last weeks’ Candlelight went well despite the weather. My beard has grown back a good deal in a week, but now I’ve got to shave again for tonight’s performance.

Sunday and Monday were rainy, and dropping temperatures caused a two hour school delay on Tuesday.

I supposed that worked out. I used the delay to get in some running, completing another 10k virtual run and passing 900km of exercise for the year!

Tuesday Krystal finally had her appointment with the orthopedist. She has both a fracture and a sprain and will have another few weeks of the soft boot to keep everything stable. She doesn’t need the crutches and has been cleared to go back to work so long as she’s sedentary.

She went back Wednesday and said that she felt lazy but that it was better than being at home.

Being stuck at home, Krystal did some more Christmas shopping. I feel this comic summarizes our relationship with Christmas gifts.

I’m not entirely blameless. I still needed to find some stocking stuffers for Krystal and I finally found a few things on sale. Just in time, too, and I found out the sale ended a mere hour after I’d ordered!

This week my Krampusnacht gift finally arrived. It wasn’t in time for the event itself, but it’s still fun to have.

Today I started work on my first batch of Lebkuchen!

It won’t be done until tomorrow. We’ll see how it turns out.

What have you been up to?

8 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

      1. Mmmm I’ve never had fresh stollen, only the packaged kind, but I love it.
        Chocolate chip and Swedish ginger cookies. The cheesecake is cherry, very creamy. I’ve been working on it a while, because my husband is from New York and his standards are high!

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