Saturday Morning Coffee

After days of rain it’s good to see the sun in the sky. Let’s chat over some coffee.

Well, the second week of Candlelight went well despite some rain. Our coordinator said this is one of the best years, if not *the* best year we’ve ever had, production & running-wise.

I tried making my first batch of Lebkuchen. It didn’t look like what I envisioned, but it tasted great. I’ve got a few other recipes to try 🙂

Sunday was our church cantata; it went really well. Some issues came up that I wasn’t able to sing my solo. Disappointing, but there’s always next year. Hopefully.

Monday I finally ditched my 18th Century hair.

Before & After:

Yikes. I need some whitening toothpaste.

Tuesday I received my first student gift: a pound of coffee and a really big bag of Swedish Fish. The student remembered me saying I liked them 🙂

Wednesday was interesting as we experienced a massive blackout. A worker clearing vegetation from overhead wires cut one, sending most of the city into darkness for 7 hours.

Thursday I received a few more gifts. My students really get me!

Friday was the last day of exams. I received quite a bit of coffee and coffee-related gift cards. There was also this amazing red velvet cake:

I ate it immediately.

Exams are done, graded, and entered.

My mom called me at 7:15 this morning. Nothing was wrong, it was just her usual birthday call. I was born at 7:15 am on December 22, and ever since I moved out she’s called me exactly then to wish me a happy birthday. I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate that.

No big plans that I’m aware of.

Anyway, y’all have a great weekend and happy holidays (if you observe any).

What have you been up to?

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