Saturday Evening Coffee

Thanks for swinging by. I know we usually meet Saturday mornings, but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men.

Last Sunday Krystal and I took our friend to Fort Macon. We had a blast and Krystal took some very good pictures of me. I usually don’t like my own photo, but these turned out excellent. I’m going to use the close-up as my author photo.

Shoes were ruined in the mud; so to the shoe store we went. Can you explain why this label was inside? We can’t.

Sunday was also chocolate cake day, which we observed. of course.

Monday & Tuesday were relatively uneventful. At least, I didn’t take any pictures of anything those days.

Well, Tuesday I did start a dish that needed to sit until Wednesday before it was done. I present to you “Forbidden Fried Rice”, black rice fried with bacon, caramelized garlic, onions, soy sauce, ginger, mustard, and scallions.

Thursday I was given this amazing maple bacon donut:

Friday we had a pizza party at school, Guiness Six Nations Rugby began (with my favorite for the year, Wales, winning the first test), and I got ahead (or two or three) for the spare room.

Saturday was more rugby watching and Krystal and I had a date. In honor of Michael Scott on The Office, we went to Chili’s and had an awesome blossom with extra awesome.

Thats was my week; what have you been up to?

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