Saturday Morning Coffee

Come on in, the coffee’s hot and strong.

And I need it. Really. The last week we’ve been on spring break, and I spent about three of those days with debilitating vertigo. Come to find out, it’s likely due to caffeine withdrawal, since I went from approximately a pot of coffee a day to nothing. That’s what throwing off routine will do to you. Needless to say, I fixed that situation fast.

Also, just because it’s break doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. I still had the yearbook to finish up, and I’m happy to say that it’s finished!

Last Saturday Krystal and I went to the first ever Wilmington Geek Expo. Apparently it went so well that they’re bringing it back next year – huzzah!

We picked up a few goodies, like this notebook:

And this Bob’s Burgers / Gravity Falls mashup:

This is also a sneak peek of one of my upcoming cosplays. Here’s another preview of something you’ll see later this year:

Hint: it’ll look nothing like this when we’re done with it.

Running this week went well; next week is the Mosquito Run 10K! I *just* found out part of the course is on the beach. I hope it’s packed sand and not loose stuff . . .

Throughout the week I’ve been working on getting things cleaned around the house. Of course, that’s been interrupted by the vertigo. This morning I got around to vacuuming the living room. Once again I was reminded of why I hate our vacuum: it clogs every minute or so. Krystal likes the “lightweight stick vacuums”. I hate them because they do a poor job, overheat easily, and generally just don’t work the way vacuums should. Oh well.

When I wasn’t flat on my back I was able to play around with a medieval city generator and do some cooking:

That last picture is salmon & honey and brown butter roasted carrots.

Oh, this week was also the Tryon Palace Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. It was luau themed, but I think I mixed up my islands. . .

What have you been up to this week?

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