D-Day +3

June 9, 1944

A German plane dropped a bomb or torpedo on us . . . To me it looked just like someone picked her up and folded her in half.

That night was the worst night in my life. Worse than Pearl Harbor. Worse than the day Amber died.

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4 thoughts on “D-Day +3

    1. That’s actually from the national archives! After the attack, Mr Tom was picked up by the Bates, taken to Scotland, and returned to the US on the QEII. The photograph proves his recollection is correct though.

      I also recently discovered that their casualties were worse than he described. Between the two attacks, the Meredith lost over half its crew!!

      And you’re exactly right: this picture is *powerful*. I wish is found it for the book!


      1. I’ve been reading a lot about the catastrophic loss of lives and soldiers who survived D-Day and am amazed how my emotions are stirred at a deep level. My 6th birthday took place two days after Pearl Harbor so WWII has been part of my consciousness for a long time. The 75th anniversary has taken a new role. My oldest son, my grandsons 20 and 18 years old, and my daughter-in-law went with members of her family to France to the commemoration of D-Day. I think my son and my grandsons will have deepened perceptions of history and of their own journeys. I’ve wanted to write this in my blog but couldn’t find a way to express myself. Thanks to your blog and Mr. Tom for giving me an opportunity to plumb what is going on inside me.

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