Sunday Morning Coffee

Yes, I’m a day late with the weekend update. But there’s lots of fresh, hot, strong coffee, so pull up a chair, get comfortable, and let’s chat.

Was that a run-on, comma-spliced sentence? Maybe. But it’s Labor Day weekend! Grammar goes out the window! Or not.

This week seemed long.

Last Sunday afternoon Krystal and I explored a new park in town. Right now there’s just a fence with a “enter at your own risk” sign and a trail around a man-made lake – a remnant of a rock quarry/concrete plant.

It’s a nice circuit and I hope the parks department doesn’t mess it up for the runners and cyclists that currently enjoy it. They’ll likely pave it all and leave no dedicated space for non-vehicular travelers.

It was much too warm for that shirt, but I’m ready for fall.

I’ve also decided to write another book, this time a historic fiction set in the 16-1700s. This means that I “needed” a new notebook for my research.

I found this in our local sports store while picking up more energy gels for the next few weeks. One company now sells a flavor probably nobody asked for: birthday cake.

But back to my research. Here’s a few books that’ve moved to the top of my TBR:

I went back to the park for a short run. It was a good day for a run.

Yesterday was long. I got up early to get in my long run. This week was a twenty-miler:

When I got home I cooked a large recovery breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast, cereal, banana, coffee, and Gatorade.

Then I rested because two short hours later it was back out into the world, this time for the Stanley-Spaight Duel. That means I shaved.

Here’s a few pictures taken by Gray Whitley of the New Bern Sun Journal; see the other photos here.

I was so tired when we got home I didn’t even want to cook burgers. Instead, we ordered a pizza and I fell asleep early.

What have you been doing?

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  1. I just finished the Holly Tucker book a few weeks ago. I constantly find myself amazed that our reading lists are so similar. You are going to either hate or LOVE her book. personally, I adored it. happy reading.

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