Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s been a wet one, folks. Come on in where it’s dry. Settle in for a chat over a nice cup of coffee.

The big news this week was Hurricane Dorian. In case you missed my updates, we had a day of high wind followed by a day of hurricane-level wind and rain, followed by a half day of more of the same. Other than numerous branches coming down and losing power for three-ish hours, we came through unscathed.

I used that time to get some reading done, finishing City of Light, City of Poison and A Wizard of Earthsea. I also played Kingdom Hearts III after the power came back on.

On the cool side of things, author V.E. Schwab wished me safety in a Instagram DM!

DeathWish coffee held a Golden Ticket day, where every purchase had the chance to win a limited edition of this year’s fall mug release. I ordered a pound of the cauldron-aged pumpkin coffee. Even if I don’t win a mug, I’ll still get great coffee as well as a limited edition patch and sticker.

What a difference a day makes. A day ago this path was whipped by angry waves up to my knees (based on the waterline). Today itโ€™s clear and calm and peaceful.

It made for great long run – a little slower than I wanted but I feel great. As an added bonus, I FINISHED THE โ€œYOU VS THE YEARโ€ CHALLENGE! Everything from here on out is gravy. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŽ‰

This week also saw the anniversary of Smokey’s passing. I miss that little boo.

What have you been doing?

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