Two Thoughts from January.

For the last few weeks two things have dominated my world: my father’s health and the impeachment of Donald Trump.

First, let’s talk impeachment.

At this point it is immaterial what the President actually did or of what he has been accused. When the argument is “the President has absolute immunity” from prosecution (which is what has been argued), it is a danger to both democracies and republics.

But, to be clear, the President has committed (and sometimes boasted of) at least six impeachable acts.

– Obstruction of the investigation into Russian tampering in the 2016 election.

– Financial and political ties to the Turkish government leading to the disavowal of our Kurdish allies.

– Jared Kushner using his foreign policy position to extort Qatar into bailing out his failing real estate investments.

– Trump’s attempt to coerce Ukraine into tarnishing a domestic political opponent and interfere in the 2020 election.

– Trump’s financial and political ties to the Saudi government leading to Saudi tampering with the 2016 elections and the murder of a Saudi-American journalist.

– Trump as the unindicted co-conspirator in a confessed campaign finance felony involving hush money payments to an “adult entertainer”.

[Note: Past presidents’ actions or the political parties of the current president’s opponents and detractors are irrelevant to the charges of which the president is accused. “Whatabouts” are not on trial.]

Of these, the impeachment articles concern themselves with (1) Ukraine and (2) obstruction of justice in regards to the investigation into the Ukraine affair.

In their investigation, the House subpoenaed at least three men associated with President Trump: Rudy Giuliani, Mick Mulvaney, and John Bolton. The White House responded by instructing *all* advisors to the President to ignore all Congressional subpoenas; so far, these wishes have been honored.

So, when the GOP claims there are no first-hand witnesses of the President’s actions, remember that the first-hand witnesses refused to testify *by order of the president being investigated*.

Is the president guilty of using the powers of the president for personal gain?

I think so, but it may be legally hard to prove.

Has he obstructed justice?


And he has used arguments that, if validated by his acquittal, would place the president (of any political party) above the law. This is *exactly* why the founders placed impeachment and removal in the Constitution.

The president may indeed have done many good deeds.

None of them outweigh the severity of his alleged crimes and the gravity of his stated philosophy.

Forget the smoke and mirrors deployed by both sides of impeachment. The real battle is over whether or not the president can be checked by Congress.

President Trump has answered “no” in both words and actions. This is why I believe the President should be removed.

The Senate may vote on hearing witnesses and examining evidence as early as tomorrow, January 31. I have two of the most pro-GOP senators currently sitting: Richard Burr (fidget spinners) and Thom Tillis (empty desk). Yet, I’ve called them twice a day since the Senate phase began.


Now, an update my dad via my sister Andrea:

After 4 weeks in the hospital, my dad is back home. Over the last several weeks and months his cancer has spread to other bones. He was admitted to get his pain under control and do some rehab and radiation therapy to help him be more comfortable. His leg and hip are very fragile so he is limited in his mobility. In the coming weeks we will be getting a ramp built so he can get out of the house some. Thank you to those who have been a help or encouragement to us during this time. Your prayers for all of us are appreciated.

The other day he felt good enough to have his picture taken!

I wish we could impeach cancer while we’re at it.

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  1. You, your dad and all of your family are in my prayers, Jay. Thanks for your clarifying statements about the Impeachment. I have lost respect for our government. I am grateful for people like you who can speak with a level head.


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