What I’m Doing this Wednesday

The Week So Far: 

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A Monday Evening Relaxer

I miss doing the Saturday Morning Coffee, but since it’s not Saturday and currently evening where I am and because I don’t want to wait, we’re going to do this now instead.

So grab your favorite drink to unwind and let’s chat a bit.

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Pizza & Plant

Let me share two quick stories with you, both about remembering, in their own way.

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For Every Falling Sun, There’s a Morning After

My last post talked about some of the difficult things over the last few weeks. This time I’d like to talk about some of the good things that happened.

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Teaser Tuesday: The Iron Raven

It’s been seven months since I did a Teaser Tuesday. I think I’d like to get back into doing them again.

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I’m Okay (Trust Me)

I wrote a little over a month ago about visiting my father in Pennsylvania. Since then, so much has happened . . .

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