A Monday Evening Relaxer

I miss doing the Saturday Morning Coffee, but since it’s not Saturday and currently evening where I am and because I don’t want to wait, we’re going to do this now instead.

So grab your favorite drink to unwind and let’s chat a bit.

For the past who-knows-how long, I’ve had a problem with drive-through restaurants. Now, before you think I’m acting like a Karen in a Panini, let me explain: 

Even before the Covid Times, drive-throughs would forget one significant (but not necessarily crucial) part of my order: the dipping sauce. This has led me to eating Bojangles with Chik-Fil-A sauce, McDonald’s with Zaxby’s sauce, and Zaxby’s with the ranch we order from a local pizza joint. The most derelict of the sauce deliveries has been Cook Out. But this past week, they tried to make up for it:

Also, I no longer eat at CfA, in case you’re wondering.

Krystal and I also went to Lowe’s for crafting supplies. These seemingly random bits of PVC will be assembled and painted to mimic a steampunk crossbow for my Rabbitfolk/Harengon artificer, Garret.

Already it’s done 1d4 damage as a piece of PVC caught me on the thumb and forced me to walk across the whole store to the restroom for some paper towels to wrap my bloody finger. 

But it was worth it.

Then, my friend Becky let me know that Tuesday Morning had cones for my Raucherhutte. She picked said she was picking me up two packs of “Christmas” and one pack of “Myrrh”, sending me a picture of the price tag so I knew what I would owe. When I picked them up, however, there was a surprise:

They were double packs! I have sooomany cones now I’ve started burning them early!!

And this weekend, Krystal and I went to a convention as Coraline and Wybie. We had a great time and picked up some stickers and such.

art from Kinda Cute Creations
enamel pin from TheMysteryShack
sticker from DivineKitsune Creations

We were glad to find a Mellow Mushroom near us; it’s one of our favorite pizza chains. I had a new-to-me pizza, The Merry Prankster.

Take the trip less travelled. Starts with an herb aioli base layered with chicken, Italian sausage, garlic roasted red peppers, green bell peppers, mozzarella, Wisconsin aged white cheddar, and finished with an herb aioli drizzle.

What have you been up to?

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