For Every Falling Sun, There’s a Morning After

My last post talked about some of the difficult things over the last few weeks. This time I’d like to talk about some of the good things that happened.

My friends have been fantastic. 

Sam made me a friendship bracelet, and gave me an awesome Pringles Funko Pop when I got back from Pennsylvania, as well as doing “reverse trick or treat” where we got chocolate and pencils.

Clare brought me coffee on National Coffee Day (even if I didn’t get to finish it before my mouth rebelled against me), and when I got back from PA she had a wonderful decal for me that she picked up from a craft fair and a collage that she made

Matt and Jax and Jess listened to me rant and rave and vent as needed at all hours of the day/night. Sometimes they even noticed that I was “active” and knew something was wrong before I even had to say anything. 

Victoria sent me a package of Supernatural decals/stickers and made herself available when I need it.

Indy and Elsa offered their home to us as we made our way back from Pennsylvania. We had breakfast and I got some excellent coffee and a nifty shirt.

This is not me. This picture is from the company Facebook page.

David, my oldest friend, helped us as he knows how. We are so very grateful. 

My family has been fabulous. 

If I tried to list what everyone has done in the last few weeks I know I’d miss someone or something. But I can try. 

My in-laws (Bobbie and Jerry) let me use one of their vehicles to make two trips to Pennsylvania.

Charlie has messaged me and encouraged me nearly daily.

Denise brought coffee and iced cider.

Leroy and Julia shared so much with us on our trip: a room, time to talk, as well as food and drink.

Chris has been spectacular with helping take care of things in PA

Andrea has helped Chris as well, and I appreciate the small moments we were able to have this past week.

Charles and Andrew and Kristen supplied us with humor and some epic playlists for the ride home.

Aunts and Uncles and Cousins came in for the service, and I am thankful for each one.

My coworkers have been caring as I dealt with so much these last few weeks, even going so far as to ask if I really needed to be back to work so soon (and not because they want me gone; they genuinely miss me!) – thanks Amanda and Rodnekia and Donna and Damonte! 

There’s been other moments of happiness as well: 

The feline stele I ordered from Meagan Meliduring Mortal’s Market arrived. Now, to find an appropriate place to either display or wear it in memory of Smokey.

Krystal did a fantastic job as an assistant stage manager of our local production of CLUE. Everyone was singing her praises, and she’s signed on to be THE stage manager of the upcoming production of Rock of Ages.

Krystal’s also been helping me with some cosplays of my original characters. I have enough to do a basic clothes test for Garrett, my rabbitfolk/harengon artificer in D&D:

I’m also gathering elements for Cyrus, my galliard Silver Fang werewolf in World of Darkness.

Finally, I was reminded that not everyone grew up with as unique a schoolyard as I did. To parody a meme: 

I’m at the cemetery. I’m and the playground. I’m at the combination cemetery/playground

How have you been doing? What have you been up to? I’d love to hear from you!

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