OBX Marathon, Part 2

Thank you, family and friends who were cheering me on in person and in spirit. Continue reading “OBX Marathon, Part 2”


OBX Marathon, Part 1

The last 4ish months of training have led to this. Continue reading “OBX Marathon, Part 1”

A Run 65 Million 25 Years In The Making.

I have an obsession with Jurassic Park.

Continue reading “A Run 65 Million 25 Years In The Making.”

Is Today Global Running Day?

It’s global running day; what better day to come off my rain-induced break and show off the gels I got on sale!

Saturday Morning Coffee Update: Cupid’s Crawl 5k

So, here’s how that run I mentioned earlier today worked out: Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee Update: Cupid’s Crawl 5k”

Saturday Morning Coffee

Welcome, friends! I see the early morning thunderstorm didn’t put off your visit. And I’m glad, for now the sun is shining and the coffee hot, even if the ground is still wet.  Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

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