Saturday Morning Coffee

Boy, what a whirlwind week it’s been. Come in for some coffee, I could use a chat. Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”


Contingent is Coming

All for history, and history for all! Continue reading “Contingent is Coming”

Saturday Morning Coffee

It’s a rainy Saturday morning, but it’s a long weekend and there’ll be rugby later on. Come on in and talk for a bit.

Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

On My 2019 TBR

I’ve already got quite a few books on my TBR for 2019. Have you read any of these? Are they also on your TBR? Continue reading “On My 2019 TBR”

History or Yesterday?

A brief thought about time. Continue reading “History or Yesterday?”

Saturday Morning Coffee

It might be nearly noon, but that doesn’t mean we can’t chat over a nice cup of joe.

Continue reading “Saturday Morning Coffee”

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