Coronavirus Quarantine Day 5

So much has happened since Saturday.

The school system closed, which means we’re suddenly “remote teaching/learning” or whatever the catchphrase is.

This also means that, in the last two days, I’ve converted approximately two weeks’ worth of traditional learning into a mix of traditional and “flipped” learning.

My students have a mix of technology. Some have the latest gadgets while others do not have access to a computer.

I myself do not have internet at home, so all my work needs to be accomplished via mobile devices (hooray for unlimited data!)

And now, for the first time in about three days, I feel I can breathe.

I’ve recorded and distributed the classes for today.

A very kind student informed me of a problem with my slides and I got that fixed. White text on a white white background is not optimal.

My internet friends are checking in on me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I’m not saying things are perfect or anything like that. But I do feel a small lessening of weight.

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