An Important Message to My United States Readers

Saturday Afternoon Coffee

Hey, I’m actually positing today!

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Saturday Morning Coffee

Hello there! It’s good to see you this morning. The coffee just finished brewing; won’t you sit for a spell?

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Oktober Miscellany

With October well under way, I thought I’d share my thoughts over the past few weeks.

police qr code
If we can’t use our phones while we drive, how is this not entrapment?

What do you mean, October’s over? It was only yesterday I saw the QR code on the police cruiser and had the idea for this post.

Really? Four weeks?

So no-go on the QR code, then.

guyfawkesmaskI guess I’ll just have to settle for Reformation Day.

I missed that, too? Well, there’s always Guy Fawkes Day.

That’s over? How did I miss it? I was too busy dressing up as a plague doctor?

medieval doctor plague maskIMG_1701

What Brittany Maynard, I’ve got some . . .

VOTEOh. Okay.

I know, the election!


Veterans Day?


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