Saturday Morning Coffee

Hello there! It’s good to see you this morning. The coffee just finished brewing; won’t you sit for a spell?

Last week I lamented about the rain hindering my running schedule. This week proved sunny, hot, and humid. And, of course, I chose to run in the hottest part of the day. But, I still did it. I even found two new routes, one of which happens to be a two-mile circuit! Huzzah!

As an added bonus, two of my cousins have asked to start jogging with me. After years of running alone, it’ll be interesting to see how partners affect things.

Right now the forecast says 100% chance of rain on Monday, and I have a virtual 5K to run. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a safe time to do it.

Our battle with the fleas continues apace. We’ve done two floor treatments and so far so good. Unfortunately Smokey picked up a few and now has to go through a deworming. My poor baby ๐Ÿ™

But, back to the positives. I had a student contact me via the school:

โ€œI know itโ€™s summer, but Iโ€™m turning 18 in July. Can you help me register to vote?โ€

My heart is soaring!

Today I’m headed out to the store for some running gear and grocery items, then coming back home and cleaning the kitchen and doing some paint work on a costume. If I have time, I’ll try to get caught up with some reading before I have to return the book on Monday.

Speaking of costumes, SuperCon continues to take more of my money as they just announced Chris Bachalo will be there, which gave me an excuse to buy my own copy of Neil Gaiman’s “Death” miniseries. (In case you don’t know, Bachalo is the artist for the graphic novels) Thankfully, autographs for him are only $2.

Oh, I almost forgot that this evening there’ll be a burger to cook, photograph, and write about.

What have you been up to?

4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Coffee

  1. Whenever it rains I choose to just walk or hike instead of jog a route of whatever. I just love the way the rain makes things look so much different and the smell of the rainy air is just beautiful as is the feeling the soft drops are causing when they are falling right on your skin.
    I am watching the rain falling down right about now, sitting next to my window and am just about to head out into the forest to savour that feeling once more.
    My best friend has called me silly for I want to leave my warm and comfy appartment just to go out in the rain. She used to tell me that if I like water that much I might as well just enjoy a hot bath or something like that. It took me hours ( or it at least flt like hours) to explain to her that it isn’t about the water but the rain. I explained to her how the feeling and smell of rain is so much different. And even though she told me she understands I am not quite convinced she really does. She promised me to try it out and walk through the rainy forest with me next time. I am really happy she did. It might give her a whole knew perspective about my fascination with rain.
    Maybe you could try walking through the rain if it interferes with your running schedule? If you do, you really should spend attention to the feeling and the differences in your surroundings, the smell in the air and the feeling of the soft droplets on your skin. It is an amazing feeling. At least it is to me.

    I sure hope your cat and you are winning your fight soon enough. I know from experience how unnerving things like this can be.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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      1. If you had a boat you could easily sail across a lake made of dirty puddles. And if it sank you could dive deep down into their secrets and discover them ๐Ÿ˜‰


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