Saturday Afternoon Coffee

Hey, I’m actually positing today!

I’m currently standing in a long line to vote early. We’ll see how long it takes. It’s worth it; in addition to our candidates, there are six state amendments to vote on!

This week my new coffee cup came in the mail. I haven’t used it yet, but I’ll probably need it by the time I get home.

I also saw that Walmart has started carrying this coffee. It’s a bit more expensive than online, but about the same once you add in shipping.

Running went OK this week, but today was a particularly tough run against the wind. You’d think that with a two mile loop there’d be at least one point where the wind would be behind me. You’d be wrong.

I made a bit more progress on my reading challenge: I finished another book and returned two to the library! Now I just have to finish my last borrowed one before time runs out. I’ve already renewed the loan as much as I can.

Of course, this week saw the 501st anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. I almost got into an online argument with someone who said that, because of his antisemitism, finding something good about Martin Luther was like trying to find something good about Hitler or Stalin. Pretty sure that’s not how this works.

I also tried my first nigiri sushi. Of course it was eel. What else would I have?? It was excellent.

Today was my first rehearsal for 2018’s Candlelight. The theme is masquerade. Come out and see the place and the houses the first two Saturday evenings in December!

Sickness has hit us this year, me currently battling a head cold and Krystal fighting a bout of vertigo. I’m also kinda bummed out as I’ve really been missing Smokey lately.

You know, it seemed like so much happened this week but now that I write it out it seems so short.

UPDATE: it took me about 73 minutes to vote. It was worth every second.

What have you been up to?

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