Things in Glass Cases (Part 3): Memories


Memories are the lost and found office:

What we wore and what we ate

Where we lived and who we loved

What we were like

Sometimes, those memories are found by others

A song

A yearbook

A photo album

A note

A letter

A card

So we share them.

We share the things in glass cases.

And we are better for it.

 This post is being published as part of Writing 101. Challenge 16: Continuing the serial, reflect on the theme of “lost and found.”

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2 thoughts on “Things in Glass Cases (Part 3): Memories

  1. Sometimes I used to think that memories are as fragile and easy to break as glass…
    I once wrote about that… “Glass Figurine”… I am though not sure if I have published that one yet… but that can be found out I guess 🙂

    I would say – now reflecting on your lovely piece of writing – that memories even though objects reminding us of them might get lost somewhere somewhen,… those memories will always stay where we are, inside of us (to be m,ore accurately). Actually, we can’t lose them, but they can be found… in an object or in our own mind…

    Your writing as you migth have already guessed really had me thinking pondering thoughts trying to rab own memories, reflecting on hows and whys … when an author gets a reader to think – that’s a great thing.


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