13 signThirteen years.

It seems only yesterday I sat in the dentist office listening to the radio world changing.

It seems an eternity ago I watched the end and beginning of an era.

end and beginning

Thirteen years, and where are we?

GWBushIn high school we joked George Bush had declared war on a nation of mud huts. How naïve.

Did we learn nothing from history – from the Russians, the British, the Ottomans? The Middle East will not be tamed – go ask Crassus about Parthia.

Pyrrhus has nothing on us. We are the sinner and the saint, and whether we stay or leave the cauldron of conflict continues to boil.

keep-calm-and-blame-someone-else-1Blame whomever you want: Obama, G. W. Bush, Cheney, Clinton, G. Bush, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon.

None of them started it.

None of them finished it – or could even if they tried.


Instead of blame, we must ask the question:

Thirteen years from now, where will we be?


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