Achievement Unlocked

Custom PS3 Trophy


I’ve written before about my love for Lebkuchen (here and here).


Lebkuchen from Mom


Mom sent Lebkuchen for my birthday.

Or maybe Christmas.

The two tend to run together.

Either way, it’s Day’s Bakery Lebkuchen.

Just as good as I remember.


Lebkuchen from Mom in Law





Mother-in-Law found Lebkuchen at the commissary.

She told Mr. Tom.

She/He/They bought me a bag for Christmas.




Let the Lebkuchen-Festival commence!


3 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked

  1. A sort of ask and you shall receive deal? Glad it all worked out. 🙂 Sorry been absent for so long! Life has been well…life. I think I’m finally finding my WordPress swing again. 🙂 Hope you had a Merry Christmas! (assuming you celebrate).

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