Circular Reasoning

Circle of Chairs


Why are the chairs in a circle?

I moved them.

Can we really sit anywhere?

Yes, as long as it’s in the circle.

What are we going to do today?

Just wait til everyone gets here.

How will we have class if we can’t see the board?

Don’t worry about the board.

Does this have to do with our Current Event?

Yes. I want to have some class discussion.

But I don’t know if my topic is important!

What if someone else takes my theme?

We’ll work through it; that’s why I’m here.

What if someone makes fun of me?

I’ll deal with it. This is a Judgement-Free Zone.


So, who want’s to go first?


Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, and what it means to be an American minority

Liberty Cant Breathe


Charlie Hebdo, Ferguson protests, and the Freedom of Speech

7 January 2015


President Obama’s community college program, what it offers, and who will pay for it


Malaysia Airlines, terror threats, and aviophobia

Malaysia Air

Every Minute

Every Class

Every Period


When can we do this again?


3 thoughts on “Circular Reasoning

  1. Kids never learn to debate or hold civil discourse if they don’t have opportunities to try and repeated opportunities to fine tune their responses….and look forward to the challenge next time. Thanks for being brave and strong enough. Every minute. Every class. Every period. Every day. It is not easy or for the feint of heart.


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