Friday’s assignment for Writing 201 was to write an elegy using fog as a metaphor. After two days of quite literally nothing, I finally had some form of inspiration.

I don’t exactly like it, but neither do I hate it. It’s broken, yet fixable.


Time is flying faster now
 although the days seem long. 
Mem'ry isn't what it used to be - 
 they say it's only fog.

I can't recall my favorite foods, 
 no jokes, no tales, no stories,
  while I remember mundane things - 
   they say it's only fog. 

I can't recall our family trips
 or who we took along. 
The games we played are all forgot - 
 they say it's only fog. 

I can't recall my favorite book
 nor yet my favorite song. 
Like Richard's mind my spine is bent - 
 They say it's only fog. 

I can't recall the names of those
 whose pictures grace my walls, 
  while I remember childhood friends - 
   they say it's only fog. 

It matters not the words I've said
 or the places I have gone, 
  for what were once the concrete things
   are now but sand and fog. 

6 thoughts on “Elegy

  1. I literally (hope I got this word right this time) stopped breathing.
    Your words captured me My whole body clenched when I voiced your words “it’s only fog”.
    It’s a great piece of writing.

    The only thing I stumbled upon is your very last line
    “are now but sand and fog” sounded a bit off rhythm. (I am not a native English speaker, I am only sharing my honest thoughts!)
    I would suggest something like “are nothing but sand and fog” or “are now merely sand and fog”.
    Well in the end it is your piece of writing I am happy if you love it as much as I do and even more if you love your writing more 😉 (I hope I am still making sense because I am awake for about twenty hours by now.)

    Hope you had a great start this week!

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