Cup Runneth Over

With each photography prompt I find myself pondering what things mean to people rather than their dictionary definitions.

The last few days had me considering home, street, and water.

Today’s assignment was far easier:

Bliss Definition

I’m well aware of the irony in using a dictionary definition considering what I just said.

Bliss. Definitely not a simple word.

Some say that ignorance is bliss, or that bliss is a state of mind.

Google claims I can find bliss in cupcakes.

Now, I’ve had some good cupcakes, but not that good.

So what brings me perfect happiness or great joy?

Being with my wife.

But since both she and I are quite particular about sharing personal information – especially images – you’ll just have to settle for the second-most blissful thing in my life.

Or rather, a collection of things:

Coffee and Books = Instant Gratification
Moxie = Future Gratification


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