The Word of the Week is . . .

Discovery seems to be the Word of the Week.

First, photoblogger consistentrelent gave RIMH its 1,000th like!


Then I decided to take the plunge and join my first MOOC: Irish Lives in War and Revolution. After listening to NPR review MOOCs and doing a little independent research, I hit upon this course thanks to OpenCulture. Seriously, if you’re not following them on Twitter, you should be. I find something worth reading, saving, and sharing several times a week.

Speaking of Twitter, another good Twitter account is Bibliophilia. I find myself saving their shared images daily. Images like this one:


Oh, and speaking of images, I’ve been taking WordPress’ Photography 101 course and found it extremely inspirational. I’ve discovered that I can, indeed, take and edit good pictures with my iPhone 4s (I highly recommend the Afterlight app). I’ve also discovered some apps to manually adjust the ISO and shutter speed and some tips on taking iPhone photos with a telescope; given the time change – is that today? It is! – I’m going to attempt some “morning moon” pictures this coming Thursday or Friday. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s a gallery to get you caught up:

Was I talking about apps earlier? I think I was. Another good app I discovered this week is InstaQuote (thanks, Gus Sanchez!). I had some iTunes money left from Christmas, so I went ahead to bought the full package. The app lets me do things like this:

FM Quote 1
Bonus Points if you know where it comes from 🙂

Look for a weekly feature to being next week highlighting a quote or random text from a book I’m currently reading or a song lyric that’s been stuck in my head. Want to know what I’m reading? Check out the bottom widgets! Want to know what I’m listening to? Sometimes I share it on Twitter!

And then there’s that moment when an author you follow on Twitter retweets you.


Amanda Palmer Retweeted Me

With so much going on this week, I’m certain I forgot something.

Look for an update if I remember anything!

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