That Ghostly Galleon

Yesterday’s big perspective theme stumped me . . . until I arrived at work this morning.

As I walked outside, I looked up, expecting the same overcast, cloudy sky obscuring the morning moon.

To my surprise, the clouds had begun to dissipate, their rapid movement permitting brief glimpses of a majestic silver orb suspended in a sea of blue.

I ran inside to the science supplies, grabbed the telescope I’d been experimenting with, rushed out to the nearly-empty parking lot, and pointed the sighting lens at my target.

After a few brief adjustments, everything was in place. Lacking a camera mount and unable to correctly focus the telescope, I did the next best thing: I placed my camera against the sighting lens, manually focused, and clicked when I thought the frame appeared decent.

I took six photographs overall, but only one captured the moon with minimal shake.

I’ll let you be the judge of any relative success:

Telescope and Moon March 11 2015For Perspective


Moon through Sighting Lens March 11 2015My First Attempt at Shooting the Moon!


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