On the Loss of F_____

I’m not one to give trigger warnings. That said, I’m giving one now.

Things have a tendency to not go as planned. Several weeks ago, a dear friend’s health declined rapidly – unexpectedly, even – and he passed away. Even after days of relative sleeplessness, I found it hard to rest. My thoughts kept turning and churning and refusing to let me be until I wrote them down. This is an exercise in catharsis.

Some of my readers knew F_____. One of my regular readers is his wife.

[edit] For the record, I have permission and outright encouragement from the family to share this. [/edit]

If, after all that, you want to continue, click on to the next page.

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3 thoughts on “On the Loss of F_____

  1. You most definitely needed to write this – for yourself and for all of us. Your words and tears take us to a rich and hallowed place. I think it is the most real place in human existence and out of this world. It hurts like hell. I’ve watched two of my sons lose friends at a young age and grow deeper for it. No one can go the way of your grief but you. Forgive me if I intrude.

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