Monday Morning Grievance: Convention Edition

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my coffee.

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You might recall I spent a few days last week at a teacher’s convention. I kept a list of grievances:

  • I forgot my toiletries bag at home; luckily, the front desk provided me with toothbrush, toothpaste, and comb.

  • Water pressure from the shower head left so much to be desired.

  • Vendors: thank you for the free stuff, but I have absolutely zero influence over the school’s budget and even less of my own money to spend. So, just give me your freebies and your handouts and let’s not waste our mutual time.

  • Conference Center: no free wifi unless we’re registered guests of the attached hotel? Seriously, I checked your website out before leaving town and you claimed to provide a group access account for conventions/conferences. So, who’s lying – the organizers or you? My money is on you.

  • Clickbait Workshops. At least two workshops I attended were nothing like the course description. One ostensibly covering the administrative side of our new standardized testing company could be summed up in one sentence: “Check the website and experiment for yourself.” Another touting an overview of “modern views” used information over ten years old. Modern my foot.

  • Bad coffee. Seriously, you’re serving lukewarm brownish water at a teacher’s convention? You do realize we live on coffee, right? This is tantamount to depriving us of oxygen.

Given the list, you might think I had an awful time at the convention, but the opposite is true: I actually had quite an enjoyable time – in fact, taken as a whole, this may have been one of the most enjoyable conventions I’ve ever attended. However, it’s hard to overlook terrible coffee and abysmal wifi.


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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Grievance: Convention Edition

  1. I hate hotels that make you pay for Wi-Fi. Especially when it’s usually the more expensive hotels and knowing the only reason they charge is because they know anyone staying there will pay for it. haha Great post.


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