Sunday Snapshots

With midterm grades due Friday and our Veterans’ Day program only days away, I didn’t have much time for taking pictures this week. However, I purposefully took a few hours out of my Saturday to spend some time walking and enjoying the fall weather.

Yesterday, Tryon Palace celebrated All Hallows’ Eve. Since the event is geared for children 12 and under, I simply bought a Gardens Pass – I could enjoy the grounds, see neat costumes, and interact with unique characters. I could not participate in any of the games, make any of the crafts, or partake of any of the “free” refreshments. Ostensibly they were free, but were included in the price of the All Hallows Ticket, so were – in actuality – paid for.

Krystal portrayed a witch:

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Coworker Eliot styled himself “Lord Fall” but I called him Tom Bombadil:

Eliot Lord Fall Tom Bombadil

I may have mentioned once or twice before that I simply love the fall. I took advantage of my time at the palace to wander the trails and vegetable gardens largely ignored this time of year. Why they are ignored I have no idea – there is sublime beauty in the temporary death fall brings with it.

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