Here’s a random picture I took this week. Maybe it’ll inspire you!

weeds overgrown bike


Travelogue: Washington, DC [Day 4]

Back in December I visited Washington D.C. thanks to the generosity of my Aunt Rose and Uncle Jason. Our last day in the city started with a trip to¬† Continue reading “Travelogue: Washington, DC [Day 4]”

Travelogue: Washington, D.C. [Day 2]

When I’m on vacation, I tend to get up at my normal time of 5:30 – 6:00. I want to enjoy every minute and do as much as possible. I find that not everyone hold this ideology; my cousin Alex especially just wants to sleep til 11:00 or so. However, I also discovered that in visiting Washington, D.C. this is perfectly fine, as one would have start travelling into the city at 5:30 in order to be in line when the museums and such open to the public. Continue reading “Travelogue: Washington, D.C. [Day 2]”

Travelogue: Washington, D.C. [Day 1]

As a combined birthday/Christmas present, my aunt Rose, uncle Jason, and cousin Alex took me on a four-day road trip to Washington, D.C. Yes, it’s true – this history teacher has never been to our nation’s capital. Well, now I have, thanks to their generosity. Continue reading “Travelogue: Washington, D.C. [Day 1]”

Sunday Snapshots: GISHWHES ’16

The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen is over for another year and I’ve been cleared to share some highlights of the Hunt. Continue reading “Sunday Snapshots: GISHWHES ’16”

Dragonfly & Fungi

I realize it’s been some time I shared photographs with you. Life gives you twists and turns and you don’t realize just how much has changed until given a few moments for reflection. Continue reading “Dragonfly & Fungi”

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