O Nerdmass Tree, O Nerdmass Tree

The Christmas season has officially begun.

While my season begins with Advent, I am the only observer in my immediate circle of family and friends, so family Christmas begins with Trimming the Tree.

Last night my wife and I sat down to a dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup, put on the holiday classic How The Grinch Stole Christmas (both animated and live-action versions) and decorated the Christmas tree. Well, I got the tree out of the attic, aligned the pieces, checked the pre-strung lights, and let Krystal arrange everything else. She is so much better than I am at that sort of thing. I just kind of throw the ornaments around willy-nilly and let things land as they may. Apparently, that only works with tinsel – which we don’t use as it attracts unwanted attention from Smokey.

Over the years we’ve amassed a few ornaments; it’s become somewhat of a tradition to get three ornaments each year:

One ornament that reflects our interests.
One ornament from Starbucks.
One random ornament from Hallmark on clearance after the holidays.

This year, we realized just how nerdy our tree actually is:

4 thoughts on “O Nerdmass Tree, O Nerdmass Tree

  1. I absolutely adore your ornaments 😀
    I am nerdy myself. It’s kind of sad that my mother won’t let me place my Asuna and Kirito figure (from Sword Art online ❤ ) on top of our tree instead of her traditional angel.
    They would sure to just as great as your things in a tree 😉

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